Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

Can I register individually and pay online ?       Yes

Fill out the registration form and email it to

Your registration and payment will be processed and confirmation will be emailed to your contact address.

Is there a special program and price for groups ?       Yes
Groups of twenty [20] or more will receive special pricing and additional benefits.

Extras such as airport service, weekend trips and specialized activities will be added to group programs.

Are programs offered other than in Summer months ?       Yes
Group programs are offered twelve [12[ months per year.
Contact Rick White for further details

Is this program offered on a school campus ?       Yes
Most programs are offered on university and private school campuses in the Greater Vancouver area.

Classrooms are full-size and utilize age appropriate learning materials, teaching strategies, equipment and supplies.

What are the instructor qualifications ?
All teachers are highly trained and Certified to teach in British Columbia.

Instructors for professional programs are qualified and experienced in the areas of study.

How are participants transported for activities and events ?
All transportation is provided by charter bus with professional drivers.

 Events and activities take place at safe, secure and fully licensed locations and venues.

What type of home stays are provided ?
Style and structure of home will vary from attached townhouse structures to detached homes in friendly residential neighbourhoods.

All homes are located in theCity of Richmond with daily transportation to and from school campus.

Can I stay in a hotel ?
We have partnerships with centrally located 3+ Star Hotels in this area. You can choose to stay in a hotel as a single, double in a regular hotel room, or stay in one of our 2 bedroom suites with kitchen and laundry that sleep 2 – 4 persons.

Daily meals are included, or you can choose to prepare your own meals in your own hotel suites with kitchen. Prices will vary depending on the package you choose.

What is the background of the host families ?
The family characteristics vary greatly and are reflective of the Vancouver Region as a blend of many different ethnic groups.

All hosts are Richmond families who are deemed to be supportive, friendly, respected and law abiding citizens.

What if my child or I am unhappy with the assigned homestay ?
Comfort and safety of all ZenTec Learning program participants is very important to us.

Individuals who are not happy with their placement will be moved to a new home as soon as possible, usually within one day.

Who do I contact with further questions ?
Contact Mr. Rick White – Founding CEO and President

Can I speak with someone in my native language ?
Feel free to make initial contact in your native language using email.

Your message will be translated and a response given either in a personal meeting, in writing or with personal phone call.