English As A Second Language Program [ESL]

Many groups and individuals select our broad range of short term English As A Second Language [ESL] study programs. These specialized programs are tailored to match the needs of each group and are offered to all ages of participants throughout the year.

The focus of the English As A Second Language Program [ESL] program is to increase rates of English language acquisition with a particular emphasis on academic English skills. We believe that the curriculum and activities that are offered will increase the ability for ESL students to advance their understanding of English and be more successful at school, business and in their personal lives.

Each program will conclude with an ESL assessment designed to determine levels of competency in English. Certificates of completion will be given to each program participant.


A variety of instructional methods will be used, including:

  • Direct Instruction
  • Projects and Demonstrations
  • Cooperative Learning
  • Guided Independant Practice
  • Oral and Visual Presentations
  • Community Interactions


Each ESL program will be adjusted to the age and level of the learners in order to maximize benefit to each student.

Our professionally trained and experienced teachers design lessons to meet the needs of all learners in a group.

Level 1

Beginner                      [0 Years]                      Limited exposure to English

Level 2   

Intermediate              [3 Months – 1 Year]    Minimal exposure to English

Level 3

High Intermediate   [1 – 3 Years]                   Moderate exposure to English

Level 4

Advanced                  [3 – 10 Years]                 Frequent exposure to English


Key areas of language development will be of focus throughout the ESL program.

  • Listening
  • speaking
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Grammar
  • Discussion