ZenTec Learning is a registered, licensed and fully insured company that specializes in designing and delivering educational programs and training experiences for a broad range of participants from youth to professional groups. The company is located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Mr. Richard White – CEO & Founder

The CEO & Founder of Zentec Learning is Mr. Richard White. Mr. White served for more than thirty five [35] years as a Secondary School teacher, Principal, and District Administrator responsible for short term international programs in a large local Public School District located in the Greater Vancouver Region, British Columbia, Canada.

Mr. White has a broad range of experiences in designing and delivering successful programs for literally thousands of students, teachers, administrators, government officials and other professionals domestically and abroad.

Mr. White attended the University of British Columbia located in Vancouver, Canada, with a strong background in a range of different sports and athletics. Mr. White began his career as a high school teacher before moving on to a variety of roles in school-based administration after attaining a Masters Degree – Educational Administration from the University of British Columbia.

Programs Offered Year Round

All of the programs are offered year round to groups of fifteen people [15] or more. Programs for individuals and groups are available throughout the year. Individuals who sign up for special programs will be placed into groups with students of similar interest, abilities, ages, and backgrounds.

Professional Teaching Staff

Instruction for all programs is provided by fully trained and licensed teachers, administrators, and professionals who share their knowledge and expertise in a variety of ways and settings. Participants will enjoy living and learning in Vancouver while enriching their skills, knowledge, and expertise.